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Opt-In: A Privacy Party was SapientNitro Chicago's event for Social Media Week 2013. Focusing on current issues surrounding privacy and social media usage, Opt-In invited attendees to explore, "How much is your privacy worth?"

Party-goers began the experience by opting-in via our custom mobile site, using their existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account. That account was then tied to a RFID card which would be their passport for the evening (the system was completely proprietary and built in-house from scratch). Checking in at various stations ranging from Bad Hair Day photo booth to LOL Duck Pond to Confession Bear Booth, gained users points which leveled-up their profile. The competition was heated and on full display via a live leader board showing the top fifty point totals.

In total we tallied 423 attendees and generated over 1000 mentions. To put that in context, our hashtag activity overshadowed all others for Social Media Week, combined. As a result, we officially trended on twitter.

Opt-In was co-developed with my copywriting counterpart, Gabe Sopocy. I led the visual design team; creating the brand and overseeing the design system as it came together. We, in addition to countless passionate SapientNitro Chicagoans, planned and executed the event donating countless hours and braincells to an event that would solidify SapientNitro Chicago as a leader of SMW Chicago.