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In order to develop a comprehensive understanding of what users were responding negatively to with the new UI we quickly created a three-tier research plan. 

User Interviews

The backbone of our research plan  was a robust one-on-one interview schedule where we could begin to understand universal concerns vs edge cases. It would also provide us insight into each institution and how they needed Safer Payments to perform.
Contextual Inquiry

Complementing our interview schedule was a select contextual inquiry where we were able to spend a few days on-site with a customer, observing their workflow up close. The insights we derived were pivotal in how we shaped the product from that point.
Usability Testing

To balance our plan, we baked in substantial time to reconnect with our interviewees and give them access to prototypes as we were iterating. This allowed us to understand how well we were addressing usability and fine-tune on the fly, per user feedback.
Safer Payments – Contextual Inquiry & Design Thinking Workshop