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In 2012 SapientNitro Chicago made its Social Media Week debut with Social vs. Social – A Party Experiment. The two floor party duo consisted of a hyper-connected social bash and a tech-free speakeasy straight out of the Roaring Twenties. At the center of both was the question: Does social media make us more, or less social?

Party goers were greeted by campaigns for and against social media with an opportunity to cast a vote. The future-forward floor encouraged digital interaction of all sorts, with hashtaggery in tow. The speakeasy floor strictly prohibited the use of cellphones, inviting attendees to "go dark" and be traditionally social. DJ Nick Leo played a set at the tech party, mixing in crowd samples on the fly, while The Prohibition Orchestra of Chicago played authentic 20's era tunes live at the speakeasy.

SVS was co-developed with my copywriting counterpart, Gabe Sopocy. I led the visual design team, creating the brand and overseeing the design system as it came together, she led the copy team developing the tone, wit and headiness the work has come to be known for. We, in addition to countless passionate SapientNitro Chicagoans, planned and executed the event in three weeks. It was a huge success internally and externally, and even earned us an Addy and an IAC Award along the way.

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