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Brand Expression & Website Design

Ten X Labs is an Angel and pre-Seed fund which specifically invests in first time founders of color. Ten X Labs is the newest venture for its founders who, stepping into new territory, needed fresh web engagement & lead generation.

ROLE:   Design Director & Designer

TEAM:   3 — UX, Photographer, Developer

DATE:  2023

LOCATION:  Durham, NC / Austin, TX

The Ten X Labs founders have made successful careers of launching, growing and leading businesses. However this is a venture unlike anything they’d taken on before. With many unknowns in-hand my mission was to lead them through crucial, foundational decisions re: how to represent their business, the founders they serve and engage prospective investors.

Establishing a new direction

Initially I needed to get inside my stakeholders heads and understand what they do and don’t want in terms of visual direction, copy, tone of voice, interactions, etc…
Diverge, converge, iterate & explore

After guiding the team through a vision exercise via Miro, I was able to diverge and produce three different options based on the existing brand and inputs from mood boarding.
Refine concepts & deliver

Once a direction was chosen it was iterating per their feedback and getting tighter with each rev until my clients were happy with the final outcome.

Before designing, or even sketching, anything I first needed to get in my stakeholders heads and understand their vision. 

We began with reviewing images and noting what resonates. Stakeholders were able to tag images they did as well as did not care for. This helped set the tone, visually.

We explored multiple rounds of images by category: historic, portrait and action-centric. The intent was to diverge enough to find what they consistently identified and start there.

Similarly we explored other investment firms and how they represent themselves on their websites. The same simple engagement quickly led us to what resonated and what didn’t.

With inputs in-hand, I planned an on-site  photoshoot with our stakeholders, photographer (David Vox Avila) and one of Ten X Labs’ first-time founders: Mbiyimoh Ghogomu, CEO  of Tradeblock.

We coordinated remotely, reviewed the mood board outcomes and co-created what our desired tone, style, blocking and shot list would be.