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Design is one of the most powerful tools for crafting industry and shaping society in existence. Now more than ever we’re seeing the need for thoughtfully designed products, services, platforms and engagement that are truly end-user centric. Being that the relationship between technology and society continues to deepen, we as designers must be conscious of that and intentional when we design so that we don’t create unintentional harm.

I’m Brad Neal, a design leader whose spent the duration of his eighteen year career between agencies and enterprise product design. Simply put I’m passionate about using design to better the world around me. More than just my own design, I’m dedicated to investing in designer growth and growing highly functioning design organizations. What follows is a small, curated collection of professional & personal highlights. Enjoy.


The Loop

This was a special project between IBM and InVision, in which I had the honor of speaking on my experience in the IBM Design program. Growing a design organization from the ground up is a unique challenge. Growing one inside a hundred year old technology company is an endeavor like none other, with lessons aplenty along the way. 

‘Tech Can Do Better’: An Industry-Wide Wake-Up Call

Shortly after George Floyd’s murder in 2020 a few friends and I created Tech Can [DO] Better, a non-profit org seeking equitable, measurable, and enforceable policy changes across the tech industry that directly affect present and future Black employees. Our proposal for Achieveing Equity in Tech was well-received (now on v2.0) and well-publicized, partly due to a feature in PRINT spreading the good word.

Equity In Tech: How We Can Do Better

TC[D]B & General Assembly’s first panel collaboration was particularly timely in 2020 when racial unrest and protests were prevalent. The panel focused on the current landscape of diversity in tech, what is needed to make change, and how individuals can hold their employers accountable for creating lasting impact.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Supporting Black & Brown Professionals

TC[D]B & General Assembly’s follow-up panel shifted from achieving equity in the workplace to the mental health of Black & Brown professionals. This content focused on how we might foster healthier and safer work environments in a world that is particularly chaotic for Black & Brown communities.

State Of Black Design

In April 2021 IBM partnered with Texas State University to offer Black Design: Past, Present, and Future, a virtual conference centered on developing the Black designer landscape and fostering connections within. I had the distinct honor of speaking on a panel with IBM peers as well as moderating two additional panels with industry peers. 
• Racial Equity In Design Initiative
• Bombas Black Hive Collective Panel
• Design Portfolio - Gallery Walk 

Racial Equity In Design Podcast

The Racial Equity In Design initiative consists of multiple teams, the It’s About Time podcast being one of them. I had the great privilege of being featured in episode three of the podcast in a discussion with Initiative Lead and friend, Nigel Prentice. Nigel gave me the platform to speak to my own experience as a Black designer and the strategies I’ve leveraged to find success as a practitioner and leader. 

Recent Accolades

2021 was a banner year for the small but mighty IBM OpenPages crew. The result of years spent together collaborating, planning and delivering in unison paid off not only with praise and recognition from our esteemed clients, but industry recognition as well. 
Throughout my career I’ve enjoyed much success growing and leading design organizations, driving business and process transformation, and delivering market-leading product at scale.
If you’re interested in learning more about myself and my work, don’t hesitate to reach out. Many thanks✌🏽  
© 2022 Brad Neal
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