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Social vs. Social - A Party Experiment

Brand Identity & Event Design

Social vs. Social was SapientNitro sponsored event and social experiment created for Social Media Week. The two floor party duo consisted of a hyper-connected social bash and a tech-free speakeasy straight out of the Roaring Twenties. At the center of both was the question: Does social media make us more, or less social?

Sr. Art Director – Co-created and led concept development, brand identity, brand assets and event experience design. Additionally, co-led vendor procurement, social media strategy and user research.

07 – User Experience Designers
05 – Content Designers
02 – Project Manager
02 – Front-End Developer


Party goers were greeted by campaigns for and against social media with an opportunity to cast a vote. The future-forward floor encouraged digital interaction of all sorts, with hashtaggery in tow. The speakeasy floor strictly prohibited the use of cellphones, inviting attendees to "go dark" and be traditionally social. DJ Nick Leo played a set at the tech party, mixing in crowd samples on the fly, while The Prohibition Orchestra of Chicago played authentic 20's era tunes live at the speakeasy.


My creative partner and Social vs. Social Co-Creator, Gabe Sopocy, had recently joined SapientNitro when the opportunity to lead our Social Media Week presence arose. We were given complete creative freedom to dream big and recruit whatever team was necessary to execute. 
Engage & Excite

Beyond creating a fun experience, Gabe and I really leaned into making the experience smart and relevant for the overall theme of Social Media Week. With much debate about the effects of social media on human engagement and interactions we wanted to explore that dynamic by creating two parties in one. 
Measured Outcomes

Among everything we cooked up for our dual party experience, we were careful to bake in measurement tools to give us a proper answer to the question: “does social media make us more or less social?”